About Bradley’s Book Outlet

Established 1993


Bradley’s Books began in 1993 when co-owners and father-son team, Lawrence and Michael Paper, reopened what had formerly been an Atlantic Book Store in downtown Pittsburgh.

Over the years, the book business has changed, and to succeed, the Papers had to adapt. Purchasing large quantities of titles for the stores grew into a wholesale division, now distributing bulk quantities to other book distributors.

The growth of the Internet spawned an internet division, listing individual titles for resale thru various on-line book distributors.


The most recent change has been the expansion of the retail chain based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Larger book chains were closing mall locations and the result was a large outcry from mall patrons demanding a bookstore.

The Bradley’s Book Outlets were happy to meet this demand, opening new locations in areas outside of Pittsburgh, including UniontownAltoona, and in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills.

Retail Outlets

The Bradley’s Book Outlets aim to bring bestsellers at bargain prices. Since over 90% of the inventory consists of publisher overstocks and remainders, our customers are able to purchase popular authors and unique finds at deep discounts.

Special orders can be created for any title not found on the shelves, and shipping is available for all locations. Visit any of our convenient locations today and let us help you find the books you’re looking for.